Monday, March 31, 2008

Yellow Umbrella

Luke, I am your father....

and I will tell you...

How I met your mother

This TV Series is already in its 3rd season, at the moment on the episode 13th. Basically the story is centered around Ted Mosby (in the picture in the middle) and his search for "the" woman, o better said, the one he married and which he has two kids, a girl and a boy.
Each episode starts on 2030, with both kids sitting on a sofa and the voice of Ted in off remembering past times.
The first season is situated in the space-time coordinates of New York-2005 and refers mostly to the wedding plans of Marshal and Lili (on the picture on the left), the relation with Robin and the "activities" of Barney (both on the right of the picture).
On the course of the three seasons we learn more and more things about Ted and his friends, and, of course, about the girls that Ted and, especially, Barney meet with.
I don't intend to explain here the series in deep, first of all because I have no intention to spoil it to any one, just to recommend it.
The series does not refers to social or political issues, only neutral issues are normally treated and always in a funny, rather simple approach. Don't expect deep philosophical or moral dilemmas here, only just some fun.
I you decide to check it or are already watching it, don't forget to check for the yellow umbrella...

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The Pineapple said...

I've also enjoyed this show a lot, in spite of not being clearly identified by none of the characters.
Maybe a bit of all of them... I love to wear suits; was afraid to be single forever as I was nearing 30 years old; but at last got married recently (and thought about all that "I won't date nobody again" and "There won't be another first kiss again" stuff).

The great point is, as you point, the plain simple humour and the great screenplay with witty quotes. Not mentioning "Willow" and "Wesley Windam-Price" and the iPhone Barney shows in 3rd season, of course :D