Friday, April 11, 2008

New Amsterdam

What means being immortal? Is it a curse or a gift? That’s probably what John Amsterdam must be thinking all the longest minutes of his eternal life. Born 400 years ago, his life changed completely when he saved the life of a young American native girl. His generous action was rewarded with a sword through his chest and a new immortal existence courtesy of a bunch of native women and a shaman. It’s supposed that an eternal life is time more than enough to find the true love but, what happens meanwhile? How can someone wait calmly for “the one” while his sons and daughters die one by one and the world he has once known disappears?
This is more or less the plot of New Amsterdam, a new TV series which mixes the search of this immortal man for the only woman in the world who can make him mortal and the problems of his current personality as a detective for the police department. Chapter after chapter, we find out how a man, who has committed all the mistakes a human being can make during hundreds of “lives”, faces the worse that mankind can offer in a city like New York, full of crime and sorrow.
Armed with the cynicism and the self-confidence that only have seen everything can give, John Amsterdam spends his time between murderers, corpses and memories of past times, not necessary happier. Out there, in the same place where all began (the old dutch colony of New Amsterdam, today called Manhattan), waits the woman of his dreams. Will he be able to find her?
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KalEl el Vigilante said...

Es decir, como hacer una serie de vampiros sin los colmillos ni la alergia al sol... :D

KalEl el Vigilante said...

Se han cargado la nueva temporada de "New Amsterdam"