Friday, December 18, 2009

Easy tokens for AT-43

For AT-43 there are some tokens needed to indicate either the special status of your units (disorganised) or the fact that they are performing a "combat drill" (for example, take cover). Also the Leadership Points (LPs), Victory Points (VPs) and Reinforcement Points (RPs) are represented by tokens.
As far as I know the only company which produces tokens with the "official" symbols of the game to represent this situations is GF9.
However, the list of tokens provided with one box is quite limited as some tokens are barely present and others can be over expressed:

AT-43 Token Set
1 – “Knee to the ground!” drill marker
2 – “Take cover!” drill markers
2 - “Overwatch!” drill markers
2 - “Split fire!” drill markers
1 - “Disorganized” status marker
10 - Leadership point markers
1 - Reinforcement points marker “25”
1 - Reinforcement points marker “50”
1 - Reinforcement points marker “100”
1 - Victory point marker “1”
1 - Victory points marker “3”
1 - Victory points marker “5”

For this reason, a lot of people are producing their own tokens.

This is the way I did it.

First I printed the official tokens on white paper with a colour printer.

Then I cut 2.1 cm squares of hard plastic sheet, the one which is used as first hard cover in office bounded reports or memoranda.

Then I glued the squares on the white paper sheet on the printed tokens with normal transparent glue (on the centre of the picture).

Then I just cut the circles with scissors and for the base I used this self adhesive black protectors for the bottom part of the legs of chairs and sofas (on the right side of the picture). They are 2 cm big, soft in one side and adhesive on the other.

The tricky part was to cut the circles with the scissor as any deviation is very easy to spot and ruins the effect.

The final tokens are on the left side of the picture.

They look great, oder?

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