Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thiamat again !

I know that lately I have not been very active with the AT-43 game but yesterday we finally played again.
My Army List was basically Supra faction, with Urod and 4 infantry units, two Dragonov kommandos with AT-Gauss and two Spetznat kommandos with rocket launchers. In reserve there was a Kossak and another unit of Dragonov kommandos.
The Therian fielded a medical container, a Incubus, Thiamat and Nina-Zero on foot with three heavy infantry.
That was another massacre of Red Block people.
The terrain was basically agreed by us, so we started putting things until we were more or less satisfied with it, three markers for RPs of 200 RP each were placed and two markers for 1 VPs each also.
The RP markers were the elevated platform (controlling the base was enough to get the RP), the red container and the Therian artefact; the VP were on the chemical reactor and in the chemical tank.
The Red Block entered the battlefield from the elevated platform side, which was taken by the Dragonov kommandos.
Therian medical container dropped behind the chemical tank, close to the red container with the RP marker.
Spetznatz kommandos deployed close to the other red container and waited for enemies.
The Incubus entered the field by the dark container and activated the overwatch of both kommando units. I think that the rocket of the spetznatz was a hit which damaged the propulsion and the frame, and that the AT-Gauss was a miss.
The incubus killed several of the Spetznatz with its cannons.
Urod entered the field and walking without running over the medic of the spetznatz forced him to relocate closer to the other two spetznatzs and getting cover from the container opened fire on the incubus and I think to remember that there were two hits to the frame but not sure now. Anyway the incubus was not destroyed.
Thiamat dashed towards the spetznatz and the urod but was two short to engage in melee, so she created a hekcat.
The other infantry units tried to control the central objectives (the spetznatzs) and the dragonov tried to shoot to the Therian AFVs but without too much success.
The deployment of Nina-Zero and the heavy infantry signalled the dead of some of the dragonov kommandos taking cover at the base of the elevated platform.
That was the end of the first round.
Red Block got 400 RPs, Therians 200 RPs and 1 VP.
The second round was very short. Urod moved towards the heavy infantry letting the Spetznatz to die in front of Thiamat and the Hekcat, and managed to kill all the heavy infantry except Nina.
The Spetznatz were killed by both Thiamat and the Hekcat and Urod was destroyed by the heavy infantry which was back on the game thanks to the Therian routines (Therian faction was Cypher).
Red Block was forced to surrender :(

Funniest thing was that when the heavy infantry opened fire on the dragonov, they got 6 hits (on 2+) but the dragonov got the 6 cover rolls (on 3+), but Nina killed two of them with her snipper ability, obviously the medic and the AT-Gauss.

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