Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Forest

This story is the result of a proposal to write a very short story of less than 300 words with the only premise of the title being "The Forest".

Hope you like it.


It is dark now.
I canʼt see them, but I can hear them.
They are close now.
I told them, told them it was not a good idea to come here. Too far away.
But they never listened to me, except maybe Mike.
Yes, Mike. Mike always listened to every one, even me.
Good fellow, Mike. Yes good fellow.
But he was the first one who died.
Actually, he didnʼt die.
He was killed.
Killed by them. They kill him.
Damn forest!
I told them. We are too far away.
Not even the GPS signals reach so deep in the forest.
Anna tried to get some reception to determinate our position. The idea was to find the
You find the river, you find the exit.
But, they didnʼt listen to me.
I told them.
But anyway, she tried to climb up the damn tree.
She broke her legs. Ok, maybe only one of them, but that was bad enough.
We try to help her, to carry her, but she was too heavy.
We let her there.
They got her.
Damn it! I cannot stop hearing her cries.
They got her.
They kill her.
But, they didnʼt stop there.
They kept following us.
They kept getting us.
They kept killing us.
Now it is dark.
I am the only one left. I think. Not sure.
Too dark to be sure of anything.
Only thing sure, they are there.
I canʼt see them, but I can hear them.
The river. I have to find the river. It is close. I know.
I can hear it.
But, it is so dark now...

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