Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beschwipster chocolate cake

Preparation time: around 15 min
Baking time: around 40 min at 160C in a modern air oven preheated also at 160C

115g butter
140g dark chocolate (around 70% cacao) in pieces
2 spoons brandy
85g brown sugar
6 eggs (yolks and egg white apart from each other)
50g coconut powder
425g whipped cream to decorate

Warm up the chocolate to melt it and mix it with the brandy. Wait for it to cool down a bit.
In another recipient, mix the butter and the sugar with a spoon or a wooden instrument, cutting the butter previously in small pieces helps. To this mixture and under continuous mixing with a electrical mixer, add the yolks one after each other.
Afterwards, add also the chocolate mixture.
Finally add the coconut.

Whisk the egg whites hard until peaks, then add them slowly to the previous mixture with continuous mixing.

Put the mixture inside of a 23cm round mold (we used a hearth form of the same size). Bake it until the inside is dry (test with a needle or a fork) and let it cold down inside of the form.
As final touch, decorate at will with the whipped cream.

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