Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple?, Maybe not, thanks

Maybe I am unlucky with their products but so far Apple scores really low in my personal list of useful and reliable things.
First Apple device I got was an iPod Touch 32 GB. Nice thing, still working, no problems at all. 1 point for Apple.
Second product was the iPhone 3G, the same, still working, a bit slow nowadays with the last upgrade of the software but still functional. Another point for Apple.
Third item, a MacBook pro. Nice thing, quite fast at the beginning, quite slow now with the Snow Leopard last upgrade, but already once in the repair service. The Nvidia fatal error. Dead Nvidia graphic card. Luckily it was still on time to enjoy the extended warranty. Quite annoying that a product so expensive and not over used breaks after less than three years. Minus one point for Apple.
Fourth was the Apple TV. One of the worst things I have bought in my life. Continuous problems with the synchronization with the iTunes, specially after ANY update, either of the AppleTV or of the iTunes. Really hate the thing. Minus one point for Apple (actually it should be more minus points, but I try to kept this rating non-emotional).
Time Capsule was the fifth and the last Apple product I got so far. Very nice and useful toy, even if I was having some issues with the connectivity of mac and PC on the same wifi, however two weeks ago it decided to die. One day it was plugged but switched off. According to the apple forums, it seems to be a failure of the power source due to overheating. The problem is well-known and apparently solved in some Time Capsules, but not in others. This time the serial number of mine is not in the "lucky" range for the repair action. The thing was two years old. Again, quite annoying that something so expensive and which supposedly will keep my data safe as backup device, breaks suddenly without any warning nor apparent official repair options (according to the apple forums they usually offer you a discount in a new one and even AppleCare does not cover the Time Capsule). So, another minus point for Apple.
Total score: -1
Sorry Apple,


Sergiux said...

Yes, you are unlucky man. But sometimes you have looked for your unluck.
First, every single computer (with Linux, Mac or Windows)is very fast at the beginning. But if you have never made maintenance your computer, it will be break down with time (as all machine). If you keep clean your computer (check your hard drive, remove rest of files which can leave when you uninstall an application and if you use programs for maintenance works), your computer will run every day.
Second, the laptops are the most sensible pieces of technology (and the smartphones too). It is very normal to something can fail. I have three laptops in my live (Dell, Toshiva and Apple) and they have problems. But, Dell and Apple support were incredible. They solved my problems in 24hour, but you need to pay a bonus for this attention for the second and third year in both companies. I have a MacBook (white) and it is 4 years old. It is running as good as the first day, it is wonderful.
Third, the first version of AppleTV is a toy for Apple (Steve Jobs said this "literaly"). This means that they are searching & developing the product and it is not finished.
Fourth. If you try to use your TimeCapsule with Windows XP you need to upgrade your Windows XP to SP3 version (firts) and to install the original drivers (because Windows needs drivers for everything). You try to combine two operative systems from different generation (SL is two generation younger than XP). This is similar if you try to combine a service with W95 and Windows XP, it is very difficult (or sometimes impossible).
My recomendations (there are best practices):
First, read the instrucctions before to install your device in your computers
Second, keep clean your computer
Third, update your computers

You will have the same problems with every single brand, not only with Apple, if you go on in this way. I'm sorry.

Ariano said...

I think you failed to get the point of my entry.
I am aware of the software issues and about maintenance of the computer.
That was not the point.
I was not complaining about problems with the integration between mac and PC or that my mac is not so fast as at the beginning, which is to be expected.
What I can not understand and what I dislike is the fact that a back-up device like the Time Capsule is supposed to be breaks before or is more prone to stop working than the computer which data is supposed to protect.
That is the real problem, the crappy design of a device which is not able to survive even two years.
And, it is not an unknown problem. If you go to the apple community forum, you will find a lot of people complaining about the same. Even apple decided to call back some of them, but now only offers you a discount in a new one, that is nice, but what about the data inside the broken one?
Fair enough to say that as back-up device you should have no problem with a new one and just doing a fresh back-up of the data from your computer.
But, what about the people who used it as NAS ?
Of course, they should have back-up of the data in the Time Capsule. But, some people, real people, sometimes don't make so much back-ups, they are not so paranoid as we seem to be.
Anyway, it is not important which use you give to the Time Capsule, NAS or pure back-up. It is not acceptable that such an expensive device has so low life expectancy.