Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tau Army unboxed !

Yesterday I just got my new, second hand Tau army. How can an item be new and second hand at the same time ? Quite simple. I never had a Tau army, nor anything from Warhammer 40k, only long time ago I was the owner for a short time of a starter set of Warhammer Fantasy, I think to remember that it was the 3rd Edition, but maybe I am wrong.
Anyway, with the 6th Edition of Warhammer 40k recently released and after bothering and yammering all my gamer friends, finally some of them are decided to try to play a short of campaign of Warhammer 40k.
The only problem was that we were not in the possession of any army, except for two guys, each of them with an ork army.
In a previous life, exactly when I got the starter set of the Warhammer Fantasy I was talking about, the Tau were released by 40k, and I remember my thinking how nice they were.
However, I never played with my starter set of Fantasy and some time after that I just tried once the 40k but not really my thing at the time.
A lot of things happened since those times. I played AT-43 and developed an itching for painting scenery. So far I have not painted any figures, only a vehicle and some walls and similar stuff (some of then are in this blog somewhere to see).
So, I decided to get a Tau army from the web, a second hand, assembled and painted. Therefore, new for me, old for the guy selling it :)
On ebay I found a pretty big army by a decent price and luckily for me I was the only one bidding, so I got it without too much trouble.
The army arrived just yesterday :)
In a huge box with a lot of protection material :)
However three models were broken during the transport :( but were easy to fix :)
Unluckily one of the metal sniper drones is missing :) and the seller so far did not reacted to me :(
However, a whole five members stealth team was included which was not in the pictures on ebay :)
So, in general terms I think we (me and the seller) are even.
Now, to the pictures: 
On the back, the stealth team, on the right some drones, half of them very nice painted the other half open  to my experiments :)
The two sniper teams, each with an observer and in theory three drones, but as said, one is missing. Also the Ethereal with the base on which it was needed to glue him back.
The Fire teams, 24 members, although two of them seem to be scouts or pathfinders or something different. Some are nice finished, others again open to my unskilled experimentation :) 
An the three vehicles. Nice painted. The Devilfish in the left allows for the back door to be open so that you can see the inside of the transport bay. Great detail.
Now we only need to read the rules and try them out. More (I hope) in next posts :)


Jokin R. González Cantón said...

Tau didn't exist when I was into WH40K, so many years ago. What's their history about? Their minis are nice

Ariano said...

The background story is also very good. They were a primitive race, divided in factions which were all the time in internal conflicts and not able to evolve too much technologically due to this permanent wars. One day a new faction arrived, out of the blue, and managed to unify all the other factions into one empire and to move the race into the starts in record time. Now they are the spiritual leaders of the Tau, the Ethereals.
The troops are very nice done but I don't know how good they are in combat, only tried them twice but more to understand the rules than to win the game...
Next time I will try not to blink :)