Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rescuing Han Solo

[Lando, with strangled voice] - Han, we can still save Han.
[Leia] - Chewie, let him talk.
[Lando, gasping for air] - Han, we can still save him from Boba Fett. You two get into safety, I will fetch Han.

Lando signals another pilot to follow him and strides away towards the Millenium Falcon....


Alternative version of the Empire Strikes Back and more or less what happened in our X-Wing game last week.
A new player wanted to play for second time and we decided to go for a low point count (50 to 60) to have less fighters involved.
I am currently trying to master how to fly with a Firespray and reading a bit on the web I found the Fettigator concept and was very curious about its possibilities, so I run Boba Fett (39) with Navigator (3), Engine Upgrade (4), Daredevil (3) and Autoblaster (5) for a total of 54 points.
My opponent knew my list so that he will be able to choose something more easily. In an instinctive way he decided to go for higher Pilot Skill than me and came out either with Han Solo or with Lando with Veretan Instincts.
Han is more offensive and Lando is more coordination, Chewie even with Veteran Instincts is not high enough.
As he also wanted to try a small ship, at the end he decided for Lando without any mods (44 points) and one Prototype A-wing also without mods (17 points) for a total of 61 points.
We rolled for initiative which I got and we distributed the asteroids more or less in a classic fashion: four in the range 2, range 2 corners and the other two somewhere in the middle.
He placed the A-Wing on the center to my right, which was where I placed Mr. Fett and he placed Lando at 45° on the corner on my left.
The YT-1300 moved towards the asteroid field in a very conservative and cautious manner trying and managing to avoid any collision but also outside of any helpful range for the A-wing.
The A-wing moved also carefully in the asteroid field, but was using its boots action very wisely and moving towards my right, towards Boba Fett who was flying on the side of the asteroids with the idea or turning to face the A-wing a close range.
In the confrontation the A-wing lost shields and was eventually destroyed the round after by Fett but achieved its goal of stripping the shields out of the Firespray.
Lando managed by this time to move into range from within the asteroid field and he and Lando started a "dance" all around the board and the asteroids. My opponent very well aware of the Autoblaster and being able to move after me was always beyond range one.
The inevitable followed: Boba Fett was destroyed by a less manoeuvrable but later moving Lando :(
I think the fact that Boba Fett was not moving last or at least after Lando was the key point to his inevitable demise as all the point invested in making the Firespray highly manoeuvrable are wasted if you don't know were your opponent is going to be.
Guessing is nice but knowing is better.
After this experiment I think that Boba Fett needs more Veteran Instincts than Daredevil in this configuration, because not going last is really crippling his main strength.
Nevertheless, it was really funny and cinematic watching Lando catching Boba Fett and saving the day (and Han) ;)

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