Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1st game of Dust Warfare

Ok, finally we played today our 1st game :)
We did a lot of thing wrong but it was funny, a bit slow, but funny.
We were using the list that we discussed here. For the Allies it was 
Comm: Ranger Attack Squad 25
1st: Heavy Ranger Assault Squad 28
2nd or 3rd (don't have here the list with me) Recon ranger squad
4th: Ranger Weapon Squad 20
Sup: Black Hawk 25
Hero: Rhino 22
Improved resources (to reroll the smoke screen)
Total: around 150

For the Axis it was
Command: Kommandotrupp 25
1st: Battle Grenadiers 17
3rd: Heavy Laser Grenadiers 35
4th: Recon Grenadiers 17
Sup: Hans 25
Hero: Lara 29
Total: 148

We took the mission March battle from the book, which has a deployment of unprepared. We used a 48" (120cm) x 64" (160cm) table as per the rule book with the long sides of the table as border of the off table deployment. We found the table a bit too big but maybe it was just an initial feeling.
According to unprepared deployment, first only the command section, the 1st section and the solo heroes enter the game.
I got the initiative, so the Allies used one order to call the smoke screen and I moved Lara into the board with Blitzkrieg, also the battle grenadiers I think. The Axis moved the command section close to a building and the hammers and rhino jumped 24" forwards.
I moved the command section into a building on my border of the table.
Every one was too far away so no attacks, no reactions.
The second round, again I got the initiative, Allies called the smoke screen again, Allies moved some units into the table and jumped further with the hammers and rhino into cover, at more of less 16"-18" from my position.
My command section was able to suppress them with help from the Recon grenadiers and the heavy laser grenadiers, but due to the hard cover and the armor of 3, was not able to kill anyone of them, also some blocked lines of sight prevented the full of my forces to attack them.
3rd round the walker came in, some blitzkrieg to move Lara into position, failed smoke screen, an reaction to the jump of Rhino I think, which obviously goes agains the rules. Anyway some hammers were killed by either Lara or my command section.
4th round, I lost the initiative, but anyway everything was looking good for the Axis, Lara was closing to the building were the allied command section and two squads of rangers were taking cover, the Hans was approaching also that direction, and the rest of the hammers were dead, but Rhino managed to land between the heavy laser grenadiers and kill one of them, Lara was hit but no damaged by the rangers in the building, we put a suppression marker on her but removed it after realizing that heroes do not get suppressed, we roll for cover in the close combat from Rhino and the heavy laser grenadiers but also discovered more or less in the moment of doing it that it was not so.
We completely forgot about the death of unit leaders...
We realized also too late that Rhino invert the combat dices...
We rolled for end of the game but not yet.
5th round, debacle for the Axis which not only lost the initiative again but also the hans as the blackhawk activated its special ability all in one, which rolled 4 hits, minus two for armor, 2 hits for 4 damage and ciao bella goes my walker...
Rhino went crazy and made a slaughter house of my heavy laser grenadiers, but got injured (2 damage) by my recon grenadiers
We rolled for end of the game and it was it.
Rule errors:
well, that I can think of without reading the book, only by reviewing the game, there was, the hammers and rhino with the special movement (jump) which does not provoques reactions, the death of unit leaders, the inversion of the combat dices for the rocket punch, the extra combat dice of the lasers, cover in close combat...
Some we corrected on the spot, some we will need to remember for later.
For sure more things will come upon reading the book tomorrow in my way to work.
From the point of view of strategy, well, the hans has artillery strike, my radioman was alive, but in a building on the border of the map... I need to re-read those Artillery rules, could have been nice to attack from behing full cover (blocked line of sight), my battle grenadiers were deployed on the other side of the table, did nothing in the whole game...
We were not having so much of the reaction mechanics, maybe the table was to broad or we were too afraid of the other as we moved our forces very carefully and reluctantly on the board.
At the end, the Allied got 35 points for the heavy grenadiers and 25 for the hans whereas the Axis only got 28 for the hammers
I think we need another round, maybe with some objectives and using the battle builder...
The feeling of my opponent about the game were mixed, he did not read the book, nor the units and he was bored with the waiting time in my command and unit phase, which he found too long in comparison with AT-43.

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