Thursday, June 14, 2012

Landing Pad - Update

Ok, here I'm again.
This time with an update of one of my on going projects, the landing pad for 28mm miniature wargames such as AT-43 or Dust Warfare, my current obsession :)
On a previous post I talked about how to use some protecting cases for picture frames made of polystyrene as surface for the landing pad.
After painting the cardboard which will replace the picture frame and will give consistency to the landing pad, I just spray the polystyrene with black painting without primer and poured some decorative sand on it.
The sand I got from a normal outlet store for household items, looks like normal beach sand but a little bit bigger (I mean the size of the individual particles).
The black paint not only fixes the sand onto the polystyrene but will also dissolve partially the polystyrene and give it a more rough surface which will look quite nice.
A upper layer of anthracite grey, aslo spray, will not only fix the sand to the black paint but also give the proper colour to the surface as the sand was white originally.
The surface of the sand particles is slightly light reflective and give some nuances to the grey colour which makes it not uniform.
The border (not visible in the pictures) was painted with some more dark grey with the pincel and I will apply some light grey to highlight the surface as soon as I get some more time for it. 
I intend to paint the four corner in reflective green and maybe put some green and yellow light on then.

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