Saturday, July 28, 2012

Priest - Film Review

It is difficult to descrive this movie without being negative. The actors are more or less well in their roles, but the story is quite pointless and looks more like a pilot episode of a TV series than a real film, maybe it was a pilot episode, well, not that I was aware of it when I decided to watch it.
The plot summary on IMDB has already a spoiler as at the beginning of the story it is told that the girl who has to be rescued is the daughter of the brother of the priest, later it turns out to be his daughter, but IMDB already tells you that.
This spoils one of the two not so big surprises of the movie. The second is quite obvious after 20 minutes of watching.
However, the combat scenes even if more or less forced into the story are quite fine and the post-apocalipse feeling of the movie is quite well done.
Not so bad, could have been worse but, well, not really a winner....

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