Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zombies !!! - Painting experiment

For sure you will remember or know the game Zombies!!! (Wiki) which cames with a lot of plastic zombies in grey (male),  the dog zombies, the soldier super zombies and the female green zombies from the expansions.

Well, I am listening now to a podcast called d6generation (Web) wherein one of the authors (Russ Rant) was talking about his video "how to paint a miniature in 10 min the 20 min video) (Russ's Blog) so that I decided to try something similar with one of my zombies.
It was not so easy and the final effect not so nice. Here some pictures.

Apart from the mastering of the skill of painting miniatures which Russ shows in his video, I did a lot of thing in the wrong way but I wanted to try to paint quick.
Frist thing that did not went as planned was the adherence of the paint to the miniature. The Dust Tactics miniatures which Russ was using are pre-primer, the ones in the Zombies game are not. You can see how the paint "slips" over the plastic surface and do not adheres to it so clearly and neatly as in the video.
Second I use a different paint, more viscose, actually it is normal hobby paint, barely undiluted, which makes the paint more thick.
Anyway, I started with a quick coat of blue on the body of the miniature to cover and paint the suit of the guy avoiding the spots where the body of the zombie or at least what remains of it is visible. I intended to paint those part with a brown red combination to suggest the insides of the body and the rotten flesh.
After the blue I wanted to give a bit of dry brush of grey to make the miniature look covered by dust and dervis. Well, as you can see I did not exactly achieved it. Parts of the arm are pure blue and the rest of the body is covered in grey with the blue almost invisible.
Not the best painting job in the universe and clearly not even table suitable.
But it was a beginning :)
Next time I will put a primer and mount the miniature on a stick to manipulate it a bit better. I only have grey primer in spray but also a black spray, so my intention is to apply the primer layer, the black paint layer and then play a bit with the blue and the grey and a bit of red.
But that is for the future :)

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