Wednesday, November 12, 2014

X-Wing World Champions

I was listening to episode 8 of the NOVA squadron Podcast where they interviewed the X-Wing World Champion of 2012, Doug Kinney, when I realised that I was not really aware of how had won the World Championships any year, what they fly and so on.
To try to fill this vacuum in my knowledge this post :)

X-Wing World Champions

  1. Doug Kinney (2012)
  2. Paul Heaver (2013)
  3. Paul Heaver (2014)

X-Wing World Sub-Champions

  1. Nick Stanton (2012)
  2. Dallas Parker (2013)
  3. Morgan Reid (2014)


Doug Kinney's list:
  • Darth Vader (Swarm Tactics)
  • Howlrunner (Swarm Tactics)
  • 1x Obsidian Squadron
  • 3x Academy Pilot
Nick Stanton's list:
  • Wedge Antilles (R2-D2)
  • 1x Gold Squadron (Ion Cannon)
  • 2x Rookie (R2 Astromech)
(courtesy of BGG)
Video at youtube by team covenant


Paul Heaver's list:
  • Biggs
  • 2x Dagger Squadron (Advanced Sensors)
  • Rookie Pilot
Dallas Parker 's list:
  • Howlrunner (Stealth, Determination)
  • Dark Curse
  • 5x Academy Pilot
(courtesy of HERO's Gaming blog)
Video at youtube by team covenant


Paul Heaver's list:
  • Han Solo (R2D2, C3PO, Predator, Falcon, Engine Upgrade)
  • 3x Tala Squadron
    Morgan Reid's list:
    • Whisper (Adv. Cloaking Device, Rebel Captive, Fire Control System, Veteran Insticts)
    • Howl (Swarm Tactics)
    • 3x Academy pilot
    (courtesy of team covenant)
    Video by FFG.

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