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Punishment Raid - A X-wing Scenario

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During the height of the Rebellion against the Empire, multiple battles and fights took place along the galaxy. One of those battles was a reprisal bombing against the religious and civilian settlements on the Mkbuto islands on the Mon Calamari home planet Dac. This scenario revives this historical moment.
In this scenario:
  • The Empire player will have to lead his forces from space (upper left corner of the battlefield) and into the planet atmosphere through a gap opened in the planetary defense array by the turbo laser coordinated attack of the Imperial Fleet (bottom right corner of the battlefield).
  • The Rebel player will command the fighters sent from the planet surface (bottom left and center parts of the battlefield) into the upper atmosphere and close space to intercept the bombers.
May the Force be with you.


Waves 1 to 3 (no Phantom, Defender, E-Wing nor Z-95 Headhunter) without large ships (no YT-1300, Firespray 31, Lambda shuttle, YT-2400 nor VT-49 Decimator).


Between 95 and 100 points; however, at least two TIE bombers are required.
All TIE bombers are considered to be fully loaded with Air to Surface Strike Ammunition (ASSA), therefore they cannot equip any secondary weapon (missiles, torpedos or bombs). The ASSA are locked until they arrive to their intended target on the planet surface and are of no use or relevance for the entry into the planet atmosphere.


Between 140 and 150 points. To simulate the historical progressive mobilization and answer  of the defenders to the imperial attack, roughly one third of this force will deploy on round 1, with each one of the other two thirds deploying at the end of any End Phase (it is not possible to deploy those two thirds together on the same End Phase).


The Imperial player forces enter the battlefield from the upper left corner (Entry Zone) and have to leave the battlefield through the bottom right corner (Exit Zone). The Rebel player has to avoid it.
For each unnamed TIE bomber that leaves the battlefield through the Exit Zone, the Imperial player gets 3 (three) Victory Points; 4 (four) Victory Points for each named TIE bomber.
For each unnamed TIE bomber destroyed or which does not leave the battlefield through the Exit Zone the Rebel player gets 3 (three) Victory Points; 4 (four) Victory Points for each named TIE bomber.
For each other fighter destroyed, 1 (one) Victory Point is awarded.

Set Up

  1. Empire units deploy on the upper left corner of the battlefield (Entry Zone), on a L-shape deployment zone which extends 10cm (range 1) from the border into the battlefield and which is 20cm (range 2) long on each side of that corner. All Imperial units deploy at the beginning of the game.
  2. Rebel player places 6 (six) satellite tokens on the lower half of the battlefield. Each satellite cannot be within range 1 of any other satellite or border.
  3. Rebel player places 2 (two) debris tokens (if there are no debris token available, use two copies of the big asteroid token which comes with the base game or something with a similar size). One debris token goes into the upper left quadrant of the battlefield, the other debris token on the upper right quadrant. Each debris token cannot be within range 2 of any other token (satellite or debris) or range 1 of any border.
  4. Rebel player places one third of his force on the left and centre part of the bottom border of the battlefield within range 1 of the border (Rebel Deployment Zone). No Rebel starship can be placed on the Exit Zone of the Imperial player, nor within range 1 of this Exit Zone.

Special Rules

Gravity Pull

In the Activation Phase, right before step 6 (Perform Action) the active ship will move towards the planet surface (bottom of the battlefield) except if the active player declares that the first action of the active ship on step 6 is going to be the “Compensate” Action (even if the active ship has more that one action planned for step 6, e.g. Push the Limits, the “Compensate” action has to be the very first action on step 6). To make a Gravity Pull, perform a barrel roll for the active ship towards the planet surface on the side of the base of the active ship more closer or orientated to the planet using the long edge of the template as if the ship were a large ship instead of using the normal short edge of the template.

Compensate [Action]

The Compensate action is the only way an active ship has to avoid the Gravity Pull of the planet. The action has to be executed immediately after the movement of the active ship; therefore it will be the very first action performed on step 6 of the Activation Phase.


Debris tokens follow the rules for Debris Clouds given in the YT-2400 and VT-49 Decimator which are reproduced here for the sake of completeness.
Debris clouds are obstacles for which:
  • when a ship executes a maneuver in which either the template or the ship’s base overlaps with the token, the maneuver is executed as normal but a stress token is assigned to the ship after the “Check Pilot Stress” step, and
  • the player rolls one attack die, on a [critical hit] result, the ship suffers 1 critical damage.


Satellite tokens are obstacles which behave as Debris Clouds with the difference that when
  • the player roll the one attack die, on a [hit] or [critical hit] result, the ship will suffer the corresponding 1 damage or 1 critical damage; also this will destroy the satellite which will be replaced by a Debris Cloud token (in case they are not available use an asteroid token or something with a similar size to represent it).

Rebel Wave

After the initial deployment of the first one third of the Rebel forces, the other two thirds will be deployed at the end of any End phase, however:
  • each further one third of the Rebel force will deploy in its own End Phase (it is not possible to deploy those two thirds together on the same End Phase),
  • those further Rebel units have to deploy within the boundaries of the Rebel deployment zone (bottom left and centre part of the battlefield), and
  • they cannot deploy below range 2 of an enemy unit.

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