Saturday, April 11, 2015

Game's Club tournament - Round 2

After winning against Ciro I got to play against the other winner, our best player, Jose Luis as the other game between Andreas and Antonio finished in a draw.
He was supposed to fly a Ten Numb / Dash Rendar list for which everyone else was trying to find a counter. I have early on decided I wanted to try Vessery, so not worries on this front, or so far so good for me :)
However he shoed up with the following Dash/Corran list:

  • Dash Rendar with Veteran Instincts, Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider and Engine upgrade
  • Corran Horn with R2-D2, Fire Control System, Lone Wolf and Shield Upgrade
A very tanky Horn and a Dash Donut of Death, copy-paste more or less from the more current meta.
Just to recap, my list was:
  • Vessery with Veteran Instincts (36 points)
  • Omicron with Adv. Sensors, Fleet Officer and Engine upgrade (31 points)
  • Scimitar x2 (32 points)
My list was 99 points, his was 100 points, so initiative was for me, with Vessery moving and shooting before Corran.
Set Up
 For the Set Up I decided to try to get all the asteroids on one section of the map and to avoid that section by deploying on the other side. Jose Luis, so far, has always deployed his two ships on opposite corners. This time he deployed Corran on one corner opposite my one and Dash in the centre.
I am aware of the incredible speed of a Dash with engine upgrade, so I decided to roll it slow in the first round (part of the battle field is occluded in the picture, actually I moved 1 forward with the shuttle and the rest of the ships moved accordingly).
End of the first round
 As you can see, he also moved slowly forwards, so that at the end of the first round we were not even close to engage in combat.

 For the second round I tried to start turning towards Horn using the Fleet officer with Advanced sensors to get the two focus tokens before revealing a green maneuver to clear off the stress immediately. My opponent kept moving slowly towards me. Again we were outside of engagement distance.

End of the second round.
 In the third round I "banked" again with the shuttle which was able to target lock Corran, I used barrel rolls for the bombers to cover the exit of the pocket where Dash and Corran were and stopped Vessery against the shuttle (I cannot remember now if on purpose or just by accident).

Third round after my movement.
 My opponent made Dash to slice out the pocket whereas Corran just came through it firing like crazy. I tried to block him on the fourth round.

Fourth round after my movement.
Fourth round after his movement.
 As you can see Dash was just flying around shooting with his turreted heavy laser cannon and, I must say, the Lady Luck was on his side; he did not stopped rolling impact after impact (we all known that a "hit" is not an outcome of the red dice ;D )
End of the fifth round
I was forced to try to regroup my forces after the dispersion on the fifth round, but lost the two bombers on the final round, without being able to seriously damage any of the enemy ships...
End of the game
To add salt to injury, I must say that my opponent was playing simultaneously on another table against Andreas and also beat him.
As I said, our best player :)

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