Saturday, April 11, 2015

Game's Club tournament - Round 3

Final round of the tournament, this time against Antonio who was flying a "Panic attack list" which he developed without knowing that he was working on an already known design, which for me probes that basic, solid design are sometime that people find again and again independently from each other.
His list:

  • Blue Squadron with Tactician x3
  • Gold Squadron with Ion Cannon Turret and R3-A2 (the so called stress-bot)
Both of us we were already tired after the other two rounds and the working day as the tournament took place Friday after work, so we made probably not the smartest decisions during the battle.
Anyway, I calculated more or less the amount of "pure" hits that his list was worth as 24 (each Blue is 3 hull, 5 shield and the Y-wing is 5 hull, 3 shield) whereas my one was about 28 (Vessery is 3 hull, 3 shield; the shuttle is 5 hull and 5 shields and each bomber has 6 hull) and I decided to go in a pure jousting run.

Set Up, ready to smash into each other
 Both of us moved forward, so that at the end of the second  round we were in range of shooting but I moved too far away one bomber and the other not enough so that I was not able to concentrate my fire on only one B-wing, so all his ships were alive after my initial salvo.
The end of round three is depicted in the awful picture here, it seems to me that my mobile phone was drunk, anyway we block nicely each other on the left side and on the right side my bomber was able to K-turn onto an asteroid (!) and Vessery was totally out of position.
Drunk mobile phone photo
 All his available ships fired on the shuttle which went kaboom. I was still trying to reposition my forces :(
Shuttle gone and Vessery looking for Vespene gas :(
 At the end, time was called and even after been able to destroy one of the B-wings it was a lost for me :(

Final round.
It was a nice confrontation but a bad game, we were tired and not really focused.

It was a nice, friendly tournament and everyone got something (cloak tokens, yepa!! )

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