Monday, February 22, 2010


Location: Coffee-corner
Time: not relevant
Ariano - Have you seen the topic in the forum about the ARC faction of the Red Block ? It seems to be that not so many people use it. I must say, you already know, that I have never use it neither. Maybe we should give it a try. What do you thing ?
Kobra - Well, maybe...

Flashback 2
Location: Coffee-corner
Time: not relevant
Kobra - Have you seen the suggestions for UNA ? I think my UNA APC could give UNA Shock Troopers and/or UNA in general the needed speed to reach objectives. What do you think? Maybe we could try it.
Ariano - Well, maybe...

Flashback 3
Location: Coffee-corner
Time: not relevant
Ariano - What do you think about the following? I try ARC agains your UNA with the transport, what do you say?
Kobra - Sounds fine to me
Background Very Evil UNA Laughs and Imminent Armageddon UNA Music....

The Armies
Poison Red [ARC] (1500/500)
Urod (Col. Odin and Manon) [570 AP]
8 Krasny Soldaty (1 Gren. Launcher, 2 Medics, Smoke Gren.) [190 AP]
4 Dragomirov Kolossus + Lit. Dragomira [665 AP]
3 Krasny Groupa G [75 AP]

4 Strielitz Kolossus [400 RP]
4 Krasny Groupa G [100 RP]

I was very proud of this list as it was exactly 1500/500 with a fair amount of LP (16) to activate all my units and plenty of LP to wager (6 LP max.) as the limitation of 1 combat drill per unit means that I was going to spend a maximum of 4 LP in combat drills and 2 LP in activation of the two units in my Assault force without officer, letting my 10 LP to play with.
However I was not prepared to deal with the Sneaky Kobra ;D ;D (my usual UNA opponent)

Rapid Assault Team // 5th Company (1495/495)
2 Wing Laser Team [110 AP]
2 Fire Toad (Serg., Light Laser Cannon) [415 AP]
Drake D7 Transport (Serg., 2 Light Laser Cannon, 1 Light Machine Gun) [315 AP]
Surprise Troops inside of the transport [655 AP]

MedTech [75 RP]
3 Steel TacArm (Serg., Laser Gun) [310 RP]
2 Wing Laser Team [110 RP]

Kobra was even more proud of his list as apparently he has been dreaming with trying it since months (you will read later why)

We tried again the method of generation of battlefield discussed previously and which have been patched recently to include the feature that now you may wager LPs to get some "advantages" during the creation of the battlefield.
We roll for 13 terrain elements by rollin g 4 dices, taking one out and rolling another one. The distribution of the elements was basically a big terrain element as focal central point of the table (the deposit for liquids) and then some containers and low walls around.

Now, we were supposed to wager some LPs to be able to influence the amount of Access Zones / Drop points, Reinforcement and Victory markers. I won by expending 5 LPs as I wanted to try what happens if you win and I was having enough LPs (later the reality probed me wrong on both accounts, the actual system of creation does not seem to give the winner of this LPs wager action too much advantages which justify the expenditure of so many LPs and in the 1st round I actually missed some more LPs).
We rolled four dices and as winner I was able to choose which one was going to determine the amount of Access Zones / Drop points which were placed by my opponent. Not having any further control on this point, I decided to take the maximal amount of them, in our case four. Kobra placed two neutral access zones of 20cm each and 3 drop points. After this he decided which of the three remaining dices was to determine the amount of RP markers, also four, which I placed without him having any control about where I put them and finally I was to choose which of the two dices which were left was to give the amount of Victory points markers. As the two last dices were both a two, there were two Victory points marker which Kobra placed both of them, together on the central deposit.
Therefore, the scenario was basically a "Bridgehead" with a kill-them-all set up. Not the best kind of scenario for the Red Block.

The Battle

1st round

The Red Block gets the initiative by using some more LPs (I think to remember 3 or 4 LPs). Not being really satisfied with my original sequence of cards, I decided to expend another LP to move the first card to another place of the sequence and therefore my first card now was the Krasny unit which enter the battlefield on the left side, taking control of the container.
UNA Wing Laser Team enters the board and hide behind the container in front of the Krasny unit.
Urod enters the field and goes into overwatch. UNA was surprised by this, Kobra was not expecting Urod.
The Fire Toads enter the table in front of Urod which fires on them. The rockets fail to hit but the cannon damages the frame of the Sergeant Fire Toad.
The Fire Toads manage to damage one point of frame of Urod.
The support groupa G takes positions behind the central container and controls the Reinforcement point.
UNA delays to be able to move the transport APC and deploy the surprise inside.
Here I made my very, big mistake. Instead of activating my Dragomirov Kolossus, I delayed them. I should have put them in the table in overwatch waiting for the transport, even without the Take Cover drill as they were 4 Kolossus plus Dragomira.
UNA activate double and the APC enters the field and fires Urod for two point of damage in the rocket launcher.
The unit inside the APC results to be not UNA but ONI, something I was not expecting at all and which Kobra keep secret for the last months, since he came with the idea of the transport.
Now 6 zombies TacArms Alpha plus Daimyo J. Priest were on the board and fired Urod for a total of four frame damage points.
Urod was a big explosion for a moment, and then Odin and Manon were on foot still asking what just happened, when the Zombie gun made them braineaters.
This was the death sentence for the Red Block.

I still put the Kolossus on the table but the rockets failed to hit the APC and the MGauss killed only one TacArm.

End of the round, 400 RPs for each, no VPs.

2nd round

UNA gets initiative as Red Block has suddenly only 7 LPs with a max. wager of 3.
The first unit of UNA is a reinforcement unit, the MedTech which drops in front of the Zombie TacArms.

The Dragomirov managed to destroy the APC but failed to kill any further TacArm or nurse/doctor of the MedTech.
The Zombies fired into the Dragomirov killing only one, but gounding the rest.
The groupa G launched its grenades but without any success.
The Fire Toads failed to hit the Dragomirov.
The Krasny unit was force to pass as there were not enough LPs to activate it, to fire to the zombies (1 extra LP for this) and to activate the reinforcements and make them shot.
The Steel TacArm reinforcement unit enters the game and takes positions behind some low walls in cover and overwatch.
The Strielitz Kolossus move into position behind the deposit, and after firing to the Tac Arms with no result, Red Block concedes the game.

I do not think that the list was so bad from my side, but maybe my tactical decisions were not the best, but of course, suggestions and critics are always welcomed.

The visual archive is of course also available :D


Richard said...

had no idea UNA had an apc is it just north america or is Rackham is very slow on getting stuffs out?

Ariano said...

Actually, UNA has officially only a MAPC (Medium Armored Personnel Carrier) called Camel D2 and that you can find on page 30 of "Operation Frostbite".
Based on that and an APC from Grendel, a friend of me, Kobra, designed an UNA APC which he named as Drake D7.
You can find the link to the workshop section fo the AT-43 forum here: