Monday, February 8, 2010

Dutch Hospitals - First impression

People say that the very first impression defines the outcome, either success or disaster, of every human relationship or meeting.

If that is true, then I think that our future relationship with the Dutch hospitals will be one of hate and love.

Arriving to the Hospital at 0625 for an appointment at 0630 and find the premises basically closed with only a security guard behind the entry desk does not constitutes a very good beginning of a relationship. Something like arriving to a job interview with paint dirty clothes after spending the night on prison like Will Smith in "The pursuit of happiness".

However after fighting our way against the masses of undeads on the dark corridors, we managed to find a way to talk again with the fataly wounded security guard who was able to indicate us of another desk where the last human survivors were.

From that point onward our path was clear and apparently free of obstacles.

After checking again our weapons we continued our journey...

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