Monday, February 8, 2010

Trouble in the Tarmac - 2nd Game

After the Therian massacre on the 1st game, we just pushed the big, red button which says RESET and started again the game.
Obviously the sep up and the Army Lists are the same that in the previous post.

The Battle

1st Round

Again the Therians won the Authority test and therefore the Red Block started.
This time the Dragonov Kommandos were the first to move and they were again taking cover behind the container on the right side of the board and were into Overwatch.
The Assault Goliaths deployed again behind the containers on the right side of the board, but this time a bit more close to the edge, and were in overwatch.

The Sierps entered the field close to the Dragonov Kommandos and were saluted by the fire of the Goliaths, which crippled the Sierp Sergeant destrying its weapons. However, the counter-fire of the Sierps grounded the whole Goliath unit.
The Assault Golem unit deployed taking cover behind and around the container on the left side, overwatching the battlefield.
Cap.Vrachov on KK5 moved into the battle and confronted the Golems, but stayed in Overwatch waiting for the terrible Tiamat.

Again Tiamat made a rush movement over the infantry, this time the Dragonov Kommandos, killing one just by running over him, stopping for a second the Create a Succubus and killing in close combat another one (the officer).
Cap. Vrachov was not able to fire his rockets to Tiamat without risking hitting the Sierps, so he decided to hold his fire.
The Krasny Soldaty under the orders of Serg. Tymofiyeva moved behind the container on the left side of the board and after take cover there decided to overwatch the battle.
Atis and her Grim Golem unit deployed behind the two containers in the middle of the field, on the edge and stayed there to control some vital RPs for the Therians.

End of the round.
Control Phase: Red Block controls 2 containers and 2 nanogenerators for 450 RPs and the Therians control 3 containers, 1 nanogenerators and 2 lannding pads (hope I counted right) for 350 RPs and 4 VPs.

2nd Round

The Therian massacre of the brave Red Block starts.
Dragonov Kommandos try to disengage and fire the AT Gauss to Tiamat which is wounded in the frame (one lucky shoot).
Tiamat bring another Succubus into the game (in the game it was represented by a Red Block Molot as the Therian player still does not have enough AFVs miniatures due to the actual shortage of the AT-43 products) and moves to attack the Sierp Sergeant which is damaged on the legs and can not further move.

The other Sierp moves around the walls, keeping unit cohesion with immobilised Sergeant and fires on the Assault Golems, killing three of them and grounded other three.
The Succubus generated on the previous round opens fire on the Dragonov Kommandos and two are killed, the ATGauss and the Medic survive the attack. The Succubus moves into fire position and destroy the Sierp Sergeant.
Cap. Vrachov looks for a opening and moves towards Tiamat and fires without success.
Later on we were talking that maybe it is not such a good idea to try to destroy Tiamat as she has a lot of armour and that maybe a better tactic could be to target first the Succubus that she is able to spawn and fire the rest of the rockets (if any) to Tiamat.
The Assault Goliaths come to their feet but can do anything as they were grounded.
Tymofiyeva activates the overwatch of the Assautl Golems on the left container and as consequence of this, one Krasny Soldaty plays with fire and dies. However the movement allows the Krasny unit to gain line of sight to fire the grenade launcher.
The Assault Golems like their big brothers, the goliaths, also do nothing except to come back to their feet.

The Strielitz Kolossus are dropped close to the Krasny unit as they have smoke grenades to allow the dropping of other units close to them. With the assisted propulsion, the kollosus are able to act and to fire with their flamers to the Assault Golems, killing all of them except one.
The grenade launchers were wasted on the too far away Assault Goliaths (only one was grounded), maybe it could have been better to finish the job with the Assault Golems instead of trying to ground the Goliaths.
Atis and her Grim Golems stays behind the containers in cover, with overwatch and Knee to the Ground just in case.
End of the round.
Control Phase: we did not bother counting the RPs as it was clear that every one got more than enough to bring the reinforcements in the game, so the Therians got another 4 VPs for the landing pads for a total of 8 VPs.

3rd and last Round

The first Succubus kills the remaining Dragonov Kommandos, fires for 1 damage point to Cap. Vrachov KK5 and goes into Shield Formation.
Cap. Vrachov fires again to Tiamat and manages to inflict two damage points.
The second Succubus kills some Krasny Soldaty and damages the propulsion of Cap. Vrachov KK5 and takes Shield Formation.
The Sierp fires and kills one Assault Goliath.
Tiamat attacks Cap. Vrachov KK5 and destroy one of the rocket launchers and one frame point.
The last reinforcements of the Red Block, one Molot (the one with the little blue label on the base) enters the battlefield close to the Succubus and try to burn one down, but without too much success.
The Therians reinforcements, a Wraith Golgoth, moves into the landing pad.
The Kollossus decide to finish the job with the Assault Golems.
And the Assautl Goliaths destroy the last Sierp.
End of the round and end of the game.
Defender (Therians) win.

The game was very funny and there were great moments, specially the comments of Jag, our Therian player. I think he really enjoyed the game :D
There are some more pictures of the battle in the Visual Archives.

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