Thursday, November 5, 2009


AT-43 is a miniature sci-fi wargame from the company Rackham in which several factions fight for their lives.
Actually there are six factions: U.N.A., Red Block, Therians, Karman and the new factions Cogs and O.N.I.
As usual in this kind of games, each faction has its own "philosophy", that means, each faction follows a different approach to war and to technology (better accuracy but lower damage, slow fire-rate but high armour, and so on).
U.N.A. and Red Block are human-like, Therians are a kind of hybrid between humans and machines, Karmans are big intelligent apes, Cogs are giant high evolved creatures and O.N.I. is a human corporation with access to a kind of "zombie" virus. Those two (Cogs and O.N.I.) are new additions to the game universe, so there is no so much information about them, however, there are initiation army boxes for both of them (the one for Cogs is already on the market since some months and the one for O.N.I. was presented last month and will be released this November).
I discovered the game some time ago, in 2007, in the GenCon in Paris and it was probably the only good thing about that GenCon (how can you call it "the European GenCon" with barely 20 stands in a ridiculously small hall which was still half empty and no parking possibility??? go to SpielMesse in Essen to see what a REAL games convention looks like).
But coming back to the game, at last year SpielMesse in Essen we found some of the miniatures at a very reasonable price (actually it was a very low price) and we decided to buy a few. The offer was not so big, basically some U.N.A. soldiers, some Red Block Kommandos and some Therians. Biassed by the bizarre look of the Therians we decided to buy the U.N.A. and Red block guys but afterwards we never found the time to try the game, until last month...
After the initial adquisition of troups, we got some more U.N.A. and then the Red Block army box (great deal, really) and we try our first battle with this army box of Red Block against a U.N.A. army of also 2000 AP (more on that on further post).
The outcome is that we are waiting now for not one, but two quite big deliveries of more miniatures, including Therians and Karmans and that we are trying (with quite a success) to mutate more people into players :D

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