Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Federations is a great anthology of short SciFi stories edited by John Joseph Adams. The same editor of some other anthologies, like the one which first called my attention upon its books, The Living Dead, an anthology of zombie short stories.
I have been fan of SciFi stories since quite a long time. This gender is one of my recurrent topics of interests. I must say, I have the tendency to read a lot of about a subject for a while and then changing to a sometimes very different subject for some time and so on. I can not recall when was the last time that I really enjoyed reading SciFi before getting this book as lately I was quite fix with Fantasy books and more recently with zombie stories.
The book has very good short stories from some of the best SciFi author of the moment. After reading some of them, I searched their names on the web for further reference as some of the stories were part of a more vast universe created by the corresponding. For example, the opening story is "Maze in prison" from Orson Scott Card and takes place in the universe of Ender, the main character of the book, Ender's game, also a great story on its own.
Take a look to the table of contents and try to get a copy :D

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