Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planet of Appes

Big blue monkeys with laser guns ?
Not a joke :D
There are the Karmans and they try to probe that they are also a force to take into account in the AT-43 universe.
They just arrived last week from their home world and joined the UNA first and then the Red Block in a "King of the Hill" scenario.
First impression, they are hard, really hard, but not indestructible. In both fights, the faction which with the Karmans were allied lost.
However, the last report from the front states that the UNA just got beaten up by those blue hairy guys :D
We will keep you posted...


Jokin said...

This is the only reason that makes AT43 appealing for me. Gorillas with guns!
But wasn't able to know on which faction they fight when had a glance at the rulebook, so I put it back on the shelf and spent the money on another game…

Anonymous said...

They are a faction on they own.
The basic four faction are:
Therians: machine-advanced human hybrid
UNA: United Nations of Ava, basically the galactic equivalent of the United Nations (humans)
Red Block: also humans, but with more collectivistic ideas
Karmans: gorillas with high level technology and a particular vision of the universe, more or less a kind of asian philosophy