Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Funny

Not funny at all !
According to my DVD magazine review this movie was supposed to be very funny but actually Paul Blart*Mall Cop is not a funny movie.
The plot seemed fine. A guy with some problems due to hypoglycemia tries to be a cop but due this issue does not manage to pass the physical test and just goes on with his job as mall cop. There is daughter for a previous marriage and a nice girl on the mall which the main character finds very attractive and you learn almost at the beginning that she also likes him. There is also a bunch of bad guys who try to take over the mall to steal all the money from the shop just before they close thanks to some computer thing.
At first approach, the movie has a bit of everything: romance, not so common disease, action, bad guys, and so on; but the movie just falls into common easy jokes.
The guy is quite fat due to his problem and a lot of situations arise where this issue is used to try to make fun by the easy method of ridiculing him or best to say to try to make fun but the jokes are so bad that you almost have to cry.
The secondary characters are also very easy and the plot just does not add. The bad guys are bad, very bad but just as characters not as opponent. They are a useless bunch of idiots without any substance. They are just there because they are needed for the plot but they are so bad portrait that no one can believe on the characters.
The romantic part of the movie is more or less fine, but that is not so difficult, isn't it?
Conclusion: A movie that maybe you should avoid wasting your time with.

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