Monday, November 9, 2009

Sirens in the Aegean

Sirens in the Aegean is a film by Nico Perakis from 2005 which was projected last week during the Greek Film Festival in Delft (Wiki).
The plot is quite simple, a bunch of soldiers decide to scene a joke for one of the members of the platoon who was supposed to have three free days to meet his new girlfriend. Instead of that, his "friends" (including his sergeant) make him believe that they have be mobilized and send in status of maximal alert to the island of Pitta (a piece of stone barely visible above the sea level just in front of Turkey).
The situation gives place to weird situations and escalates when a turkish boat approach the island and some of the crew members try to disembark on the little island.
A lot of funny dialogues and remarks about the rivality between Greek and Turkey are present and will manage to get you into the mood even if you can not speak Greek or turkish and need to rely on the English subtitles.
If you have the chance, watch it and hope you enjoy it.

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